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Incar Magician Guide

Post  [GM]Ryo on Fri Jul 29, 2011 9:57 am

** Incar Magician Guide**

1 ) Introduction
2 ) Leveling Guide
3 ) Stat Guide
4 ) Skill Guide


1 ) Introduction

The Incar Magician comes from their order to deliver the land to salvation from the Pitborns and their leader Abbadon. The Incar Order descends from the traditions and ways of the Martyred Lady, Trieste. Ever loyal to the land and The White Mistress, they conjure the strong magical forces left to them by the old ones before they ascended from the world. At their disposal the three elements fire, ice, and lightning are theirs to wield.


2 ) Leveling Guide

-From level 1-11, train on the outskirts of Loa or Braiken castle. Training here should be a breeze.

-Once you've achieved level 11, enter the Maze of Newbies. This is a excellent solo dungeon that gives you both potions and experience at the same time.

-Once you've achieved level 19, you have two choices to train at: at denebe or inside norak/castor cave, 1st floor. Both are equally adequate, but keep in mind denebe is a non-pvp map, and norak/castor has pvp enabled, meaning anyone can player-kill you while your inside the cave.

-At level 25 (or sooner, however you prefer), head to Heiharp and see how you fare there. The best experience you can get is with a party, mainly because it takes less time and less work to kill a group of monsters with a party. It's up to you to train here until you've reached level 34, or you can try Requies, a jungle like map just north of denebe.

-Once you reach 34, head into the Requies dungeon. This is a solo dungeon that requires you to do several tasks to complete the entire dungeon. Upon completion, you earn an additional 50,000 experience points. You may not be able to complete this dungeon the couple first tries or even until your late 30's, but this dungeon is by far, the best experience you can get at this stage. Once you've reached the low 40's, this dungeon should be much easier. There's also an optional boss you can attempt to kill by getting the 3 relics hidden inside the Chamber of Space. Killing this boss rewards you with a very nice ring. I suggest you do this dungeon until 55, since it's still the best experience you can get.

-Once you've reached 55 (or 50), you can do one of three things: train inside of norak/castor cave by yourself or with a party, train inside Parca Shrine, or head out to crespo to train there. Parca Shrine isn't the best area for experience points, mainly just for commission points. At level 55, crespo may be a bit difficult, unless you find a party to do the commission quest and train as well.

-During your training from 55-60, you should save up on money. Upon reaching 60, you can now enter the Dungeon of Crespo, a party dungeon that has three section (Dungeon C, Dungeon B, Dungeon A) and costs 300k to enter. However, if you go with a party of 6, each party member only needs to pay 50k. This is a quite decent dungeon that gives you experience and different gems that you may find useful, such as medials, rhombuses, elemental damage gems, or elemental resistance gems. You can also continue training in crespo doing the commission quest (s) with a party or just soloing, however you enjoy it.

-Once you've reached 65, you can have three options to choose from: continue training in Dungeon C, head out to Draco Desert, or do Dungeon B, which is harder than Dungeon C, because of the higher level mobs. However, it does give more experience and better gem rewards. Draco desert is a different view from crespo, mainly because it's a desert, unlike the snow you constantly see in crespo. I wouldn't advise doing the 65 commission quest, because it's just a waste of money. I suggest doing dungeon B from 65+.

-Once you've reached 70 (Hurray!), continue training in Dungeon B or head out to Draco desert where it's a bit easier to solo train here while also doing the level 70 commission for money and adventure points.

-Upon reach the big 75 (halfway there), you can attempt doing Dungeon A, which is the hardest of the three sections, but also gives better experience and gems. However, if you find it a bit hard, continue doing dungeon B.


3 ) Stat Guide

You start out with 2/2/3/8. This build allows you to use both rods and wands. This is done by simply making sure you meet the STR requirement at the proper levels. The rest of the time you put points into SPR/HEAL in 2:1 ratio.
Basically you will gain new weapons at lvls 2,7,12,18,24 and every 6 levels thereafter. Wheenver you reach a level that allows a weapon change, just put enough points into STR and the rest into SPR & HEAL.
The easiest guideline for putting points into SPR and HEAL is like this. Have a look at your Mana and HP. As long as the difference b/n Mana & HP is not above 20, put points into SPR.
When the difference is 20 put a point into HEAL. This should even them out. Just follow this at every level and you should be fine(Make sure you are not looking at buffed values when you have magic items equipped).
But every level divisible by 6, just make sure you put 3 points into STR to meet the Rods' prerequisites.


4 ) Skill Guide

Level - Skill to Upgrade.(Skill Pts Remaining)
1 - None(0)
2 - None(1)
3 - None(2)
4 - None(3)
5 - Energy Mastery, EL Mastery(2)
6 - None(3)
7 - Fishing Mastery, EL 1(2)
8 - None(3)
9 - None(4)
10 - Energy Mastery, Mana Force, EL Mastery, EL 1(1)
11 - None(2)
12 - None(3)
13 - EL 1(3)
14 - Seize Nimbus(3)
15 - Energy Mastery, EL Mastery(2)
16 - EL 2(2) - Stop upgrading EL 1 after 3 levels. You need those skill points later on.
17 - None(3)
18 - None(4)
19 - EL 2(4)
20 - Energy Mastery, EL Mastery, Seize Nimbus, Mana Force(1)
21 - None(2)
22 - EL 2(2)
23 - None(3)
24 - None(4)
25 - Energy Mastery, EL Mastery(3) - Dont upgrade EL 2 now if you wanna improve AOE skills.3 levels are enough.

I Dont recommend a skill reset at 36. You have to choose between the AOE skills or EL 2. EL 2 can give great Damages at higer levels. But EL3 and EL 4 are AOE. But it is upto you. If you choose EL 2, just take 1 level of EL 3 and EL 4 and upgrade EL2 instead, in their slots. I assume you chose the AOE skills without going above Lv3 on EL 2 and I will continue.

26 - Seize Nimbus(3)
27 - EL 3(3)
28 - None(4)
29 - None(5)
30 - Energy Mastery, EL Mastery, Mana Force, Magic Power, EL 3(1)
31 - None(2)
32 - Seize Nimbus(2)
33 - EL 3(2)
34 - None(3)
35 - Energy Mastery, EL Mastery(2)
36 - EL 4(2) - Get EL 4 now. Do not upgrade EL 3 if you wanna get EL 5 on time. Do it if you wanna do a skill reset at 51.
37 - None(3)
38 - Seize Nimbus(3)
39 - EL 4(3)
40 - Energy Mastery, EL Mastery,Mana Force,Magic Power(0) - First Choke Point. Where remaining points are 0.
41 - Fishing Mastery(0) - Available at 40. You can take Mana Force at 41 if you wanted fishing early.
42 - EL 4(0)
43 - None(1)
44 - None(2)
45 - Energy Mastery, EL Mastery,EL 4(0) - Second Choke Point(If you screwed up anything earlier you will have to delay a skill here)
46 - None(1)
47 - None(2)
48 - EL 4(2)
49 - None(3)
50 - Energy Mastery, EL Mastery,Mana Force,Magic Power(0) - Final Choke Point.
51 - EL 5()- EL 5 skill at the right time. This seems to be the ideal point to do a skill reset. After this lvl you will have abundant skill points.(EL 1 & EL 2 are pretty much worthless by now, But again EL2's damage might still be a factor)
EL Mastery - Mastery of your choice of Element.
EL 1 - Fire Bolt/Ice Bolt/Lightning Bolt
EL 2 - Fire Ball/Ice Wave/Chain Lightning
EL 3 - Fire Blaze/Ice Spike/Lightning Chase
EL 4 - Fire Fury/Ice Storm/Lightning Circle
EL 5 - Flame Burning/Ice Blanket/Cruelty Lightning
Courtesy Of MMOSite

Hope This Helps [GM]Ryo ~



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