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**Bagi Guide**

1 ) Introduction
2 ) Leveling Guide
3 ) Stat Guide
4 ) Skill Guide


1 ) Introduction
The first thing most people think of when they hear 'Bagi Warrior' is, a tank. That is mostly true. Bagis are known for their health and defense, although not all choose to follow that path. Others choose to go for power and strength, and although there's nothing wrong with this, Bagis do not give out as much damage output as other classes. However, what Bagis lack in power, they make up for in survivability. One important aspect that Bagis specialize in is their knockback and stun abilities. Bagis are known to be an annoyance because they can interrupt you in the midst of your skill, canceling it and knocking you back at the same time. Quote on quote, Bagis are known to be the 'King of PvP' at end game, so if love PvP, Bagis are an excellent choice to go.


2 ) Leveling Guide
*One of the reasons that people have trouble training Bagis is because of the limited skills at lower level. However, it's quite easy to level a Bagi if you know how to do so.

-From level 1-11, train on the outskirts of Loa or Braiken castle. Training here should be a breeze.

-Once you've achieved level 11, enter the Maze of Newbies. This is a excellent solo dungeon that gives you both potions and experience at the same time.

-Once you've achieved level 19, you have two choices to train at: at denebe or inside norak/castor cave, 1st floor. Both are equally adequate, but keep in mind denebe is a non-pvp map, and norak/castor has pvp enabled, meaning anyone can player-kill you while your inside the cave.

-At level 25 (or sooner, however you prefer), head to Heiharp and see how you fare there. The best experience you can get is with a party, mainly because it takes less time and less work to kill a group of monsters with a party. It's up to you to train here until you've reached level 34, or you can try Requies, a jungle like map just north of denebe.

-Once you reach 34, head into the Requies dungeon. This is a solo dungeon that requires you to do several tasks to complete the entire dungeon. Upon completion, you earn an additional 50,000 experience points. You may not be able to complete this dungeon the couple first tries or even until your late 30's, but this dungeon is by far, the best experience you can get at this stage. Once you've reached the low 40's, this dungeon should be much easier. There's also an optional boss you can attempt to kill by getting the 3 relics hidden inside the Chamber of Space. Killing this boss rewards you with a very nice ring. I suggest you do this dungeon until 55, since it's still the best experience you can get.

-Once you've reached 55 (or 50), you can do one of three things: train inside of norak/castor cave by yourself or with a party, train inside Parca Shrine, or head out to crespo to train there. Parca Shrine isn't the best area for experience points, mainly just for commission points. At level 55, crespo may be a bit difficult, unless you find a party to do the commission quest and train as well.

-During your training from 55-60, you should save up on money. Upon reaching 60, you can now enter the Dungeon of Crespo, a party dungeon that has three section (Dungeon C, Dungeon B, Dungeon A) and costs 300k to enter. However, if you go with a party of 6, each party member only needs to pay 50k. This is a quite decent dungeon that gives you experience and different gems that you may find useful, such as medials, rhombuses, elemental damage gems, or elemental resistance gems. You can also continue training in crespo doing the commission quest (s) with a party or just soloing, however you enjoy it.

-Once you've reached 65, you can have three options to choose from: continue training in Dungeon C, head out to Draco Desert, or do Dungeon B, which is harder than Dungeon C, because of the higher level mobs. However, it does give more experience and better gem rewards. Draco desert is a different view from crespo, mainly because it's a desert, unlike the snow you constantly see in crespo. I wouldn't advise doing the 65 commission quest, because it's just a waste of money. I suggest doing dungeon B from 65+.

-Once you've reached 70 (Hurray!), continue training in Dungeon B or head out to Draco desert where it's a bit easier to solo train here while also doing the level 70 commission for money and adventure points.

-Upon reach the big 75 (halfway there), you can attempt doing Dungeon A, which is the hardest of the three sections, but also gives better experience and gems. However, if you find it a bit hard, continue doing dungeon B.


3 ) Stat Guide
*There are a lot of different ways a Bagi Warrior can go, and here are the pro's and con's of going 'pure' builds:

-A strength Bagi:
A strength Bagi has good damage and is very good for PvE (Player versus Enviroment), but lacks in PvP mainly because of the low health and shield.

-A dexterity Bagi:
A full dexterity Bagi has good attack rate, block rate, and guard rate. It's decent but PvE, but this build isn't very successful in getting far.

-A heal Bagi:
A full heal Bagi has excellent defense and a lot of health for survivibility. This build is perfect for PvP, but lacks in damage.

-A spirit Bagi:
A full spirit Bagi has a lot of mana to utilize, but this build isn't very good, PvE and PvP wise.

Now that we've gotten past all the 'pure' builds, let's discuss the popular builds:

-A str/heal Bagi:
This build is both good for PvP and PvE due to the decent damage that's put into strength, and the decent heal to ensure survivability and defense. Suggested points per level: 3 strength/2 heal. When you've reached the level to wear your next weapon, put the entire 5 points into dexterity in order to wield it.

-A heal/str Bagi:
This build is similar to the str/heal build, except this build is more focused towards survivability and defense. Suggested points per level: 3 heal/2 strength. When you've reached the level to wear your next weapon, put the entire 5 points into dexterity to wield it.

-A pure strength Bagi:
This build is the perfect build for PvE, mainly due to it's high damage output and quickness in killing monsters. Suggested points per level: 5 strength. When you've reached the level to wear your next weapon, put the entire 5 points into dexterity to wield it.

A pure heal Bagi:
This build is the perfect build for PvP, mainly due to the high shield, defense, and health a Bagi has, making it difficult for an opponent to defeat. Suggested points per level: 5 health. Make sure that you do have enough strength and dexterity in order to wear your next weapon.


4 ) Skill Guide
Besides having strength to do damage, increasing the level of your skills helps improve your damage rate as well. You can decide what you wish to improve in, but here are some important factors you may wish to train in:

-At low level, the passive skills, Martial Arts Mastery and Horn Mastery, may not seem useful to you, but at higher level (say, 60+), it comes in handy. I suggest you adding some skill points into these to help you.

-Wild Bash and Double Smash may seem helpful at lower levels, but don't invest too many points into them, because at higher level, they become quite useless as you have other skills that are more useful.

-Your buffs, instinct speed, instinct power, defensive, magical resistance, physical resistance, and resistance, are very useful. Max them out as soon as you can.

The other skills you have are optional, and it's up to you to decide whether or not you wish to improve upon them."

Martial Arts Skills

Wild Bash Lv1 : Recommended lvl1 or lvl0 after skill reset since its most worthless skill of the bagi.

Martial Arts Mastery(Passive) Lv5 : Recommended lvl10 +20%Atk/10%Crit.

Double Smash Lv7 : Recommended lvl1-5 at the start and level 1 after skill reset.

Instint Speed(Power-up) Lv10 : Recommended lvl5 50 seconds of 15% faster run walk is good skill for gettin around and chasing mages/hunters pluss quick recovery time after your attacks.

Instint Power(Power-up) Lv30 : Recommended lvl5 +75Atk/+5%Atk very good damage maximizing skill.

Hard Blow Lv15 : Recommended lvl1 or 10 great 4 hit attack that has aoe on 4th hit.(optional)

Triple Revenge Lv50 : Recommended lvl10 best early skill bagi can get.. awsome damage, deducts health for 3 seconds and interuption.

Bulls Cry(Power-up) Lv60 : Recommended lvl5 awsome damage aoe hit pluss incresed damage and attack speed what more can u say. (to bad it only lasts 12 seconds maxed)

Shock Wave Lv37 : Recommended lvl5 decent aoe, decent damage, and very good for pvp/pk.

Mad Bloods Lv67 : Recommended lvl10 a 7 hit combo dealing almost 8000 attack power maxed out and knockback/interuption with final hit.. one of the best skills.

Spirit Shout Lv82 : Recommended lvl10 great 5 hit attack with aoe knock back insaine damage and probably one of the best pvp skills.

Carnage Lv92: Recommended lvl10 INSAINE is all this skill is, our fastest knockback and huge damage on last hit, pluss looks awsome.

Spirit Skills

Horn Mastery(Passive) Lv25 : Recommended lvl10 11% to all resistances and +4% critical great power buff at higher levels.(you will need it for 90 dungeon)

Chain Burst Lv26 : Recommended lvl1-10 this skill is very optional for every person you can choose to max or not, although the range on it is good for recoiling hunters to give you a even better chance of catching up to them to shockwave.(optional)

Defencive(Power-up) Lv45 : Recommended lvl5 awsome skill that greatly boosts defence and shield.. pluss it makes u shiny

Burn/Freezing/Lighting Nuckles Lv55 : Recommended lvl0-5 of 1 this one depends some people the skill are bugged and dont increse any damage at all, but if it works for you, dont invest into it untill 100+ since you got other main skills to worry about.(optional)

Earthquake Lv56 : Recommended lvl1-10 highest single damaging skill from 1 hit with a enormuse aoe effect stun quick reuse maxed and great for aoe partys.(optional)

Tornado Lv63 : Recommended lvl1-10 A skill that is like Outrage but lower level lower damage and hits 4 times maxed(if its not gliched) personally i wont use this skill in pvp.(optional)

Magic Resistance(Power-up) Lv70 : Recommended lvl5 another 12% to all resistances for pesky incar magis(and level 90 dungeon)

Violent Gale Lv74 : Recommended lvl10 an all round awsome aoe and pvp skill that recoils and deals awsome damage(recommended for those of you not gliched)

Physical Resistance(Power-up) Lv85 : Recommended lvl5 7% physical resistance for anything melee.

Outrage Lv82 : Recommended lvl10 biggest aoe and most powerfull skill the bagi has, Although its not recommended for pvp due to vunerability but good pvm.

Resistance Lv90 : Recommended lvl1-5 very good skill to stop those pesky segnals from debuffing, archers from slowing, albedaran stuns, and incar magis freeze/burn/shock.. I strongly recomend at least 1 point into this skill.

Dead Spark Lv96 : Recommended lvl10 An insainly good skill. You set yourself onfire with a blue flame and anything near gets hit about 1000 damage a second for 9 seconds AT LEVEL 1 to anything close to you(has about the same range as earthqauake so anything in that range and stays in that range will get hit 1000 9 times)

Courtesy of MMOSite
Hope This Helps [GM]Ryo ~



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