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Rules of Conduct

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End User’s Obligation & Responsibility

1.1 Player's Account Management
You are fully responsible for all activities conducted through your account and under your Account ID.

1.2 We Are One Community
The breaking of these rules in one community or game can affect your accounts on all of UnderDekaron's communities.

1.3 Protect Your Passwords
At no time will the employees of UnderDekaron ever ask for your password. Users are never allowed to ask someone for their account password and you should never give out your password. Giving out your password, the sharing, purchasing and trading of accounts, is strictly forbidden.

1.4 Advertising other sites or services
Advertising non-UnderDekaron games or services on the game chat or forums is strictly prohibited.

1.5 Exploiting Any Game Bug
You may not exploit any bug that grants the user unnatural or unintended benefits in UnderDekaron and you will not communicate the existence of any such exploitable bug either directly or through public posting, to any other member of UnderDekaron. These bugs should be promptly reported to 1:1 customer support using the forum Private Messaging or via the private section on the forums. Abusing or exploiting bugs may result in the permanent banning of your UnderDekaron Account ID.

Naming Policy

When creating a character name or guild name, you must abide by the following Naming Policy. Names in are encouraged to reflect the genre of the game. Violating any of Naming Policies may result in the permanent banning of your account ID..

- Your character or Guild/Party/Clan name must not contain words that are offensive, sexually explicit, vulgar, racist, hateful, obscene, defamatory, or any other language that is offensive in nature (including common swear words, name concerned with the anatomy, and intentional misspellings, anagrams, and homonyms of these words).

- You shall not choose a character name that is specifically designed so that your account becomes hard to contact in-game by UnderDekaron Inc., or other players. This includes creating names containing the same character repeatedly, or use of non-alphanumerical characters. This also includes character names made up of only vowels or consonants or containing characters that could be mistaken for other characters such as using an uppercase "i" in place of a lowercase "L".

- Character and/or Guild/Party/Clan names must not be a name or handle of any games employee and/or a name that may mislead other players to believe you to be an employee of UnderDekaron Inc.

- Character names must not be a combination of words that produces an offensive result or violates any of the rules in this naming policy.

- Character names must not include any registered trademark names

- Character names must not use misspellings or alternative spellings of names that violate any of the previous rules.

- UnderDekaron Inc. reserves the right to ban Account ID, at its sole discretion, with names that are deemed vulgar, offensive, advertising the act of buying or selling gold or items for cash, otherwise inappropriate, believed to be in violation of these rules or the spirit of the rules.

Conduct Breaches

All users who use UnderDekaron game and service, must read and abide by the Conduct Breaches. The following will result in an account suspension or a permanent account banning, depending upon the severity of the matter:


(1) In-game linking to inappropriate sites, including offering bots, macros, other third-party programs, selling/buying/trading accounts, items, or in-game gold(DILs).

(2) Impersonation of a UnderDekaron employee, business partner, or its respective employees, pass or present including, but not limited to, support personnel or GMs.

(3) Violating UnderDekaron Naming Policy.

(4) Any intentions or behaviors to violate UnderDekaron or other third-party’s intellectual property.

(5) Ignoring any notification(s) - related to UnderDekaron service, including but not limited to, End User License Agreement, and Rules of Conduct, will be deemed interfering with the conduct of game service.

(6) Posting, modifying, distributing, reporting false information.

(7) Advertising, promoting, marketing, or soliciting through Site.

(Cool Advertising cheats, hacks, and exploits.

(9) The transfer, rent, sales, or endorsement of ID, Character, or Item.

(10) Communication of other player’s real-world personal information, including your own, either direct or indirectly.

(11) Exchange or transfer of any pirated/unlicensed software or other contraband while using UnderDekaron services.

(12) The distribution, development, or use of any third- party software/hardware that allows for abnormal activities within the game.

(13) The intentional exploitation, manipulation of in-game bugs or features.

(14) The creation, modification, of the game client; usage, service, promotion of such illegal softwares related to UnderDekaron that does not have the express written permission of UnderDekaron is strictly forbidden.

(15) Violation of intellectual property rights of a third part, by uploading, transmitting, communicating copyright material without the authors permission through service or website.

(16) Multiple account creation or any activities with the intention of selling IDs, Characters, or Items.

(17) Intentionally accepting/acquiring accounts, characters, items that has been altered or otherwise manipulated outside of the designed game mechanics or intended features.

(18) Any activity with the intention to harm or interrupt UnderDekaron services.

(19) The usage or gathering of personal information of other users.

(20) Leading, promoting other users to violate the Rules of Conduct.

(21) Violation of any local, state, national, or international regulations.

(22) Staging game results.

(23) Forced disconnection during game-play.

(24) Other activities that interrupts with normal service.

(25) Other illegal, unapproved activities.

(26) Inappropriate in-game behavior - such as obscene, offensive, or racist talk or behavior, abuse of another player, harassment, or any such as:
- Griefing and Abuse can be defined as any repetitive or ongoing activity by a player or group of players specifically done to make the game unplayable or unenjoyable for other players.

- You may not harass or threaten other players, nor use any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene (including common swear words), hateful, racially or ethnically offensive expressions or statements. This applies to any language.

- Scamming is defined as anyone attempting to gain access to accounts, items or in-game currency in any way, through deception or fraudulent means.

- Harassment can be defined as damaging the other players experience voluntarily. Players doing this generally have the sole purpose of "annoying" other players and direct all their efforts to this end.

- Hate is considered to be written or spoken language intended to degrade, intimidate, or incite violence or prejudicial action against a person or group of people based on their race, gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, language ability, moral or political views, socioeconomic class, occupation or appearance (such as height, weight, and hair color), mental capacity and any other distinction-liability. You may not organize nor be a member of any guilds or groups within the UnderDekaron's games that are based on, or espouse, any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-homosexual, or any other philosophy deemed to be hate-mongering.

(27) User must not use the service in any other way of its intended purpose. Users must not violate any of the above Rules of Conduct and Conduct Breaches, otherwise risk being suspended, ban, restricted of service, and/or reported to the appropriate authorities when further investigation is needed.

Recovery Policy

Any issues regarding recovery, such as lost/missing account(s), character(s), item(s), must be reported along with corresponding account ID and submitted to the Support section at All inquiries must be submitted within 15 days of the event taking place, and after 15 days UnderDekaron will be unable to accept such inquiries. Upon receipt of a recovery inquiry, UnderDekaron will notify the user within 10 days regarding the recovery process. If recovery requires longer than 10 days, user shall be notified of the reason and will be processed accordingly. Upon receiving the report, UnderDekaron will investigate the related game logs and gather information to decide whether or not to restore such a request. If our investigation results that an account has been stolen or hacked, UnderDekaron will charge the mismanagement of player's account upon the account owner and the corresponding account based on the submitted report will not be recovered or restored. Any data collected in investigating stolen account ID will be kept confidential, unless officially requested by law agencies/authorities, in which UnderDekaron will provide such data in assistance to the requesting parties.

4.1 Non-recoverable

(1) Purposely or mistakenly dropped items - An item drop means that the owner has given-up the ownership rights and does not qualify for recovery.

(2) Items given to another user through normal trade (personal trade or personal store) - Giving an item to another user via normal trade (personal trade or personal store) means giving-up the ownership rights and does not qualify for recover. If the account was hacked, UnderDekaron will do its best effort to trace the item and return it to the owner. However, UnderDekaron does not guarantee the recovery.

(3) One-time use items - One-time use items (e.g. Potions, Scrolls, Intensifying items) cannot be recovered.

(4) Selling items directly to NPC store or items destroyed according to the game logic and mechanics cannot be recovered.

(5) Lost items that occurred by giving away personal information such as ID or Passwords.

(6) If unauthorized account access is found to be the reason, the recipient's account will be subject to termination/suspension - Item transactions which were mutually agreed upon initially, but later becomes fraudulent do not qualify for recovery, based on by the conditions of the intention of item trading.

(7) Item loss due to lag/delay of client - Item loss due to external circumstances, such as lags/delays do not qualify for recovery since the loss resulted by the user's computer system specs or by connect ion or transfer or data failure..These events do not qualify for item or experience recovery.

(Cool False reporting - Making false reporting users may be subject to suspension or ban Account ID. i.e.) Investigation of log data does not match facts of the user's report.

(9) Accidental purchase or sales of items to NPCs cannot be recovered.

(10) UnderDekaron does not take responsibility and will not offer support for the negative outcomes resulting from the renting, sharing, cash transactions, or sale of Account IDs. Such restricted users' activities can result in Account ID suspension, ban, and may be reported to authorities if further needed.

(11) We are unable to determine that the users' reporting is the owner/creator of the Account ID.

(12) Submitting the recovery report after 15 days of the event taking place.

(13) Log tracing is unavailable.

(14) Selling, purchasing accounts are strictly prohibited by UnderDekaron, and accounts that have been purchased, sold cannot be recovered under any circumstances.

(15) Reports that doesn't match the log data and related verification procedure is unable to proceed.

(16) False/exaggerated reports.

(17) Harm caused by running illegal/unauthorized programs.

Inactive Account Policy

Accounts that are inactive and no access for more than 6 months from date of latest character login- will be considered dormant accounts. Low-level characters that are under dormant account status will be considered to be "unwilling" players and their characters will be deleted.
- Inactive characters under level 10 and no access for 6 months from date of latest character login will be deleted.
- Inactive characters under level 20 and no access for 12 months from date of latest character login will be deleted.

In-Game Infraction Policy

Anyone caught or reported (with proof) doing any of the violations stipulated in 3. Conduct Breaches and this Rules of Conduct will be immediately deemed to comply with In-Game Infraction Policy without prior warning. When a temporary account suspension is given and expires after a period of time, your recode is retained to track those who frequently violate this Rules of Conduct. Repeated offenses will result in a permanent account ban. This applies to every member of every community.




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